Real Estate Operation

Industry Introduction

Focusing on the entire real estate industry and providing high-quality products/services to create an ideal human living environment, construct business clusters, lead cultural trends, shape urban landmarks, and jointly create a bright future.

Residential buildings: Building residential buildings favorable for health and superior thematic neighborhoods made with craftsmanship according to residential attributes inherent in houses to jointly realize the dream of constructing livable buildings.

Typical projects: Beijing Olympic Garden, Luenmei Pinyue(Shanghai), New Riverside Garden(Shenyang), and so on.

Commercial real estate: Concentrating on continuously creating long-term value in integrated projects in superior areas of first-tier metropolises. Bringing high-end and high-quality life experiences to society through excellent commercial products and nimble management.

Typical projects:SHOWAY: Located in the center of Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District, it is adjacent to the Hongqiao Hub and the National Exhibition and Convention Center. Covering a total area of 1,400,000m2, it is comprised of characteristic outlets, new business blocks, super 5A-rated office buildings, Broadway theaters, and super-luxury five-star hotels. It is a world-class role model for residential blocks.

Industry Lineup

Beijing Olympic Garden
Beijing Olympic Garden
The Gate
SHOWAY Exhibition Hall
Shanghai Luenmei Pinyue
Shenyang New Riverside Garden
Shenyang Riverside Mansion
Kunshan Royal Lake Mansion
Kunshan Royal Lake Mansion
Shantou Royal Palace
Shantou Royal Palace