Financial Services

Industry Introduction

Steadily engaging in finance and constantly developing businesses; facilitating transformation/upgrade of the real economy and promoting structural reform on the supply-side.

Guoren Property And Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd : Luen Mei Group is its second biggest shareholder. Guoren Property And Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd has more than 200 outlets. It has successively undertaken major projects for the Chinese 3D Fengyun Satellite, C919 aircraft, new energy and PV, national power grid and urban rail transport to contribute to development in the real economy.

Qianhai Xingbang Financial Leasing Company Limited: Luen Mei Holding is the second biggest shareholder of Qianhai Xingbang Financial Leasing Company, Ltd. As a nationally licensed financial leasing company which was first stationed in the Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Zone, it has become established in Shenzhen, focuses on southern China, and its businesses have spread all over China. It facilitates development of the real economy, industry transformations/upgrades, and upgrades of SMEs and resident consumption.

Mainland Securities Limited: a wholly-owned subsidiary of Luen Mei Holding and a licensed financial organization in Hong Kong.

Shengjing Bank (02066.HK): Luen Mei Holding is the shareholder sponsoring the establishment of Shengjing Bank. With over 1 trillion in assets, Shengjing Bank has 18 branches and more than 200 organizations. It has established professional organizations, such as Shengjing Bank Consumer Finance Co., Ltd and Small Enterprises Financial Service Center to fully satisfy enterprises, organizations, and individuals' needs for financial services.

Liaoning Northern Financial Assets Exchange: Luen Mei Holding is an important shareholder of Liaoning Northern Financial Assets Exchange. Situated in the Pilot Financial Innovation Zone of Yingkou Port, Liaoning, it is an international professional and standardized trading platform.

Lianhui Commercial Factoring Limited: It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Luen Mei Holding for relieving financial difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises..

Industry Lineup

Guoren P&C
Guoren P&C
Xingbang Financial Leasing
Shengjing Bank
Liaoning Northern Financial Assets Exchange