Strategic Investments

Industry Introduction

Making strategic investments in creative and promising financial and new economic businesses to share development outcomes.

JD Digits: Connected to financial and real industries with digital technologies, it assists these industries in becoming internet-oriented, digitalized, and intelligent to lower their costs, increase their efficiency, improve user experience, and upgrade models.

China Literature Limited: It is a leading licensed digital reading platform and a platform for creating literature IP. With famous brands, such as QQ Read, and New Classics Media, it has adapted IP from many excellent online literary works like Nirvana in Fire into diverse products, including TV drams, films, animations, and games.

Qianxin Technology Group: Taking the lead in the Chinese enterprise-level network security market, Qianxin Technology Group specializes in providing governments and enterprises with new-generation network security products and services. It keeps on developing core disruptive and asymmetric technologies for network security.y.

Ping An Good Doctor: As China's leading one-stop ecological medical health platform, it is dedicated to letting every family have a family doctor, and everyone has an electronic health archive and health management plan.

Industry Lineup

JD Digits
China Literature
Qianxin Technology Group
Ping An Good Doctor