〖〗Mantis Vision China works with Baidu Brain to obtain BCTC's enhanced certification for face recognition payment

Release Time:2020-06

On June 3, 2020, Beijing time, Mantis Vision, an global leading Israeli solution provider of 3D sensors and 3D dynamic content capture and sharing, adapted its Scorpion series 3D sensing devices to face recognition enabled by Baidu Brain, and passed the authoritative technical testing of Bank Card Test Center (BCTC), an authoritative national testing organization in the financial industry, and obtained the enhanced certification of bioassay in the category of face recognition product.

Mr. Chen Ling, CEO of Mantis Vision China, said: "3D biometric solution is an important business strategy of Mantis Vision China. We are honored to cooperate with Baidu Brain to create internationally competitive industry-level applications. We obtain BETC’s enhanced certification of face recognition because the 3D data collection solution Mantis Vision China provides is stable, fast and highly accurate based on Baidu Brain’s biometric algorithm. Our successful cooperation is a good example of the technical cooperation between China and Israel. We believe that Mantis Vision China will be able to cooperate with more Chinese enterprises with world-leading technologies to provide safe, reliable and convenient face recognition payment solutions based on the in-depth application of high-quality 3D data."

The technical specification is drawn up by the People’s Bank of China together with Bank Card Testing Center, UnionPay, and algorithm and terminal manufacturers to ensure the safe application of facial recognition technology to payment. In the process of inspection, Mantis Vision China and Baidu Brain maintained close cooperation in the combination of hardware and software to achieve the best effect output of hardware and software through the in-depth adaptation between face recognition algorithm and lens modules so that the inspection was passed. In the near future, both enterprises will continue to adapt more lens modules and conduct deeper cooperation in the payment field.

Mantis Vision has been focusing on the R&D and promotion of 3D and computer vision technologies for the past 15 years. In 2018, it expanded into the Chinese market and set up it branch in China. In October, 2018, it started to conduct in-depth cooperation with Baidu Brain’s face recognition team in the application of 3D technology in biometrics. Based on the company's patented mask-coded structured light and other related technologies, Mantis Vision China provides Baidu Brain with world-leading 3D biometric data collection solution, thus improving the accuracy of the 3D data collected from biological samples.

The application of 3D technology in payment scenarios is becoming the mainstream as the market has higher and higher demand for secure face recognition payment. A variety of 3D solutions can provide deep data acquisition capabilities for 2D face recognition based on image information and efficiently avoiding potential risks through bioassay. However, when the dimensional data of the 3D models of human faces is used for recognition, many traditional solutions fail to meet the demand for the accuracy and quality of the models. Mantis Vision China’s solution is able to restore the most accurate 3D models of any object without using any interpolation algorithm. For example, this solution is able to restore accurately the 3D data of human faces in payment scenarios with its raw data accuracy and authenticity far surpassing other solutions. This solution is able to support the upcoming 3D facial recognition applications.

In addition to the technical solutions in 3D biometrics, Mantis Vision China’s AR capability, embedded 3D data acquisition devices of a variety of specifications, 360-degree dynamic 3D content recording and electric streaming equipment, and other world-leading technologies, will play an important role in the 5G era. Mantis Vision China is integrating itself into the ecosystem created by a large number of top technology partners at home and abroad by virtue of its strong technological capabilities and innovation capabilities to provide high-quality and reliable 3D technical support for the Chinese market, and to enable more high-value collaborative innovations and industry-level 3D digital transformation.